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Published: 04th January 2011
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Many of us want to attain our desires. But most of the time we , and we beg to know why. Some of us understand that our thoughts and feelings control our beliefs, and as a result {bring to us our circumstances, whether good or horrible. We understand that, any thought we create in our mind daily, quickly becomes a belief, and then it is drawn to us in our day-to-day lives. Those who fear and worry about illness and sickness, are usually the same people who get sick, right? This is simple for us to understand. But what if we have {programmed ourselves to daily think sad inmost areas of our lives? How can we stop it? This is the hardest part. Becoming still is the best way of course. To calmyour thoughts, then to bury Spirit-Lifting subliminal messages, is the ticket. But this could be harder than said, especially for the inexperienced or hectic person. The way is to go around the conscious day-to-day mind, and impress the positive ideas, or subliminal messages, into the subconscious mind, the place inour mind that retains our beliefs. So, instead meditation, what is the quickest way to impress these subliminal messages into our subconscious mind?

The best method to plant these subliminal messages down into the subconscious mind is to purchase a software program for your computer. I Mind Zoom is the greatest program I have come across. It can be used at home or at work. You write your own messages that you desire your subconscious mind to receive, plug them into the program, set the speed of the message, and that's it. Then the program will show the message incredibly fast on the screen, repeatedly depending on the speed you set, while you're working on the computer or just surfing the web. The science of it is this: the subliminal messages you have made , bypass your conscious mind because you are unaware of them because ofthe high speed, but your subconscious mind takes them in. Now your subconscious mind is sure to receive the idea, and the message is buried there to stay, unless you remove it.. And once the subconscious retains the message,those kinds of events will show up in your daily experience, the world of (your life). It's a law. If you want success in your life, create the message, "I am successful in all areas of my life", or something you come up with. Quickly, your subconscious mind begin to feel the message, and you will see that you feel beautiful, and others show you more attention, because now you felt the thought from your very being. This is what Jesus meant when he said, you get whatever you believe. It is with your subconscious mind that you believe. That is the seat of all beliefs you have accumulated during your life. Subliminal messages are just a simple to change negative beliefs. It all happens inside you, in your mind.

If meditation is hard for you, or you dont havetime making your mind become still, or you lack faith, then Mind Zoom software will help you simply change your horrible belief patterns. Here's what you do. Program the software. Insert in the messages that you want, that you need to believe. Then just sit back, and let the subliminal messages to the rest. And very shortly, you will feel a change. It's all about thinking what you want to think. But if If you dont know how to begin controlling your mind, then Mind Zoom subliminal messages software is good to use. Hey, you can even create music with the subliminal messages put into it. How 'bout that! SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES TO GO!!!!

Dale Rhodes is a fervent student on the power of faith and the working of miracles. For many years he has studied everything from the Bible to Mysticism to discover the Truth and the Nature of Life. This has led him to such topics as "Faith", "Miracles", "Magick", "Creation", "The Power of the Human Mind", and much more. CREATE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES in order to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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